Our Passion

Baking For Foodservice

Baking For Foodservice since 1985

We began our journey in 1985 with Kara’s famous floured baps, and although our portfolio has expanded, and we’ve seen great change over the last three decades, one thing that has remained the same is the aroma of our bread, freshly baking at our Manchester site.

With our ever growing range of mouth-watering sweet and savoury baked goods we continue to focus on the latest consumer trends, developing new innovative products that enable our Foodservice customers to stay ahead. Our products are frozen the moment they come out of the oven ensuring that quality and freshness are locked in.

Our commitment to Foodservice is 100% and we distribute to over 200 wholesalers, independents and end-users; such as pubs, hotels and restaurant chains based in the UK, as well as exporting to countries including France, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus.

This is Kara

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