Finsbury Food Group

A UK-wide speciality bakery group

Finsbury Food Group comprises a group of nine leading speciality bakeries, producing a vast range of sweet and savoury bakery products.

In 2014 Finsbury Food Group purchased Kara’s parent company, Fletchers, to become one of the largest speciality bakery groups in the UK. Kara is a dedicated foodservice business, with the capability to launch and develop new and innovative sweet and savoury bakery products for the foodservice market.

Kara has continued to keep service and innovation at the heart of its business, and a has continued to innovate and develop new ranges solely for the foodservice market.

It was over 20 years ago when we sold our first floured bap into the foodservice arena, and today Kara is available in over 200 wholesalers with a portfolio of over 300 products. These achievements are down to many factors, including the support of our owners, Finsbury, and the commitment of the Kara team, but crucially our success is due to our great customers, who continue to work with us on this foodservice journey.

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Finsbury Food Group

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