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Latest Bakery Trends: January 2019
  • DIGGITY DOGS:- Hot Dogs are getting a new lease of life in 2019, with chefs getting more creative with flavours we are now seeing more flavoursome cheeses and meats being used to top these meaty must haves.
  • VERY VEGAN:- There is no denying that the vegan trend is coming with us full force into 2019, get your menus ready by having a bun for all menus with Kara’s Brioche Style.
  • SUPER SARNIES:- Chefs around the world are redefining the term sandwich. Gone are the days of grabbing a supermarket sarnie, now chefs are pouring as much love into sandwiches as they would a 3 course meal. Have the premium bread to match the menu with Kara’s new bloomer breads.
  • POPULAR PICKLE:- Pickle is very versatile when it comes to burgers and sandwiches. Pickle is the ideal accompaniment to balancing out meats on the palate, it is a must to pile on a burger bun.
  • ALL THE VEG:- Gracing sandwich menus this year is vegetable. Consumers are now wanting a volcanic explosion of vegetables in their sandwich carrier, Kara’s Oat and Sunflower Seed Bloomer is the perfect partner.
Latest Bakery Trends: November 2018
  • KEEPING UP TRADITION:-The traditional sandwich is now the most consumed individual lunch bakery item, purchased on 12% of visits. View Kara’s full range of Sliced Breads here.
  • PIZZAS OUTPERFORM:- Pizza was the highest growing item, at dinner in Q3, 2018, consumed on 8% of visits, create the perfect Pizza base with Kara’s Doughballs.
  • AMAZING APPLE:-56% of Crumbles are consumed at dinner in a Pub, serve Kara’s Award Winning Amazing Apple & Blackcurrant Crumble on your menus.
  • COFFEE SHOP MUST HAVES:-Over a third of Muffins, Cake Sliced and Scones are consumed in a Coffee Shop as snacking items.
  • POPULAR PANINIS:- Coffee Shops lead the way for Paninis at lunch, purchased on 47% of occasions.
Latest Bakery Trends: September 2018
  • SNACKING STAYS STRONG:-The biggest bakery sub segment is snacking, eaten on 632 million out of home occasions.
  • BREAKFAST MUST HAVE:- English Muffins are the top selling sandwich carrier at breakfast.
  • SUPER SANDWICHES:-Sandwiches remain the top sellers at breakfast but consumers are seeking alternative sandwich carriers such as Panini’s, which are growing in popularity.
  • CAKE AWAY:-42% of snack occasions are for a sweet bakery treat, with total Cake (excluding cheesecake) being the number one purchase.
  • SUB OF THE DAY:- Sub Rolls have seen the largest growth out of all sandwich carriers for snacking occasions.
Latest Bakery Trends: May 2018
  • FOOD TO GO:- Food to go is expected to be the most influential food trend of the next 2-3 years and the fastest growing trading format. Serve our Sliced Cakes for food on the move.
  • VEGAN GAINS GROWTH:- Vegan dishes have increased on menus by 237% this year; Kara has a broad array of sliced breads and burger buns to cater to any dietary requirements, check out our Product Guide.
  • BURGERS ARE BEST:-Burgers are the most popular protein dish across all channels, serve your Burgers on a Kara Brioche Buns.
  • PROFITABLE PIZZA:- Pizza has seen the strongest increase in share on menus of 0.7%, create the ultimate Pizza base with our Doughballs.
  • SANDWICHES SURGE:- Sandwiches are the most consumed dish on lunch and dinner menus out of home. Have a bread carrier for any sandwich with our Savoury range.
Latest Bakery Trends: March 2018
  • SPECIALITY SANDWICHES:- Gourmet Sandwiches are on the rise on menus, with chefs now reinventing the humble sandwich by using the finest ingredients and techniques. Create the ultimate sandwiches with our Sliced Bloomer Breads.
  • RISE OF THE BURGER:- Burgers were purchased on 208 million occasions last year, making them the number one meal purchased at dinner time in 2017, they are also being purchased on a number of snacking occasions. Create burgers for any menu with our Burger Bun Range.
  • BREAKFAST MUFFINS:- Sandwich carriers have gained popularity at breakfast time with Toasted Muffins hitting the top spot, proving to be the best way to start the day. Why not serve our English Muffins toasted with bacon or eggs for a morning delight.
  • SWEET LUNCHTIMES:- The most popular lunchtime bakery sweet item is a slice of cake and it is being consumed on a growing share of visits. Our Indulgent Cake Collection has a cake for any lunchtime menu.
  • SOARING SCONES:- 75% of Scones are purchased by consumers aged 50+, serve yours with Jam and Clotted Cream as part of delightful Afternoon Tea menus.
Latest Bakery Trends: October 2017
  • BBQ: – Barbecuing meats is set to soar on menus early next year, do you have a burger carrier to fit the barbecuing bill? Our Brioche Buns are great to accompany a multitude of menus.
  • COMFORTING CLASSICS: – Classic foods are making a strong comeback. Tweaks on these forgotten flavours are bound to elevate your menus, our Banana and Toffee Kiss cake will remind you of your favourite home-made Banoffee.
  • SNACKIFICATION: – Dining trends are being abandoned due customers ditching three set meal times, replacing meals with multiple options snacks instead.  Get your menus snack ready with the help of our Sliced Cake range.
  • CRAFTED CARBS: – Carbs are coming back. We are set to see artisan, flavoured and luxury loaves come back early next year. Keep ahead of the competition with Our Artisan Bread Range.
  • CONTINUOUS COLOUR: – Our food is becoming more colourful. As decorations becoming bolder, dishes are being seen more as artwork rather than food. Our Rose & Vanilla Shimmer cake is nothing more than a colour sensation, set to mesmerise all display cabinets.
 Latest Bakery Trends: September 2017
  • SNACK ATTACK :- Snacking is a main purchase for out of home visits, with 73% of all snacks involving a bakery item.
  • BURGERS BITE BACK :- Burgers remain the No1 choice at dinner and are increasingly growing as a snacking item. See our variety of burger buns here.
  • CROWING CROISSANTS :- Croissants are now the top selling sweet breakfast item. Women account for 56% of all purchases; do your pastries stand out in your cabinet displays?
  • BAGELS ARE ON THE UP :- Customers now want variety in their sandwich carriers, bagels are performing strongly at breakfast and snack times.
  • MUFFINS ON TOP :- Muffins are one of the strongest growing bakery items, growing across meal times, mainly purchased at coffee shops/cafes. Check out our latest Muffin flavours here.
  • FLOURED FLOURISHING :- Bacon and sausage baps are up 2.1% this year. With 65% of menus  now offering a breakfast on-the-go option, serve your customers their breakfasts on our floured baps.
Latest Breakfast vs Brunch Trends: July 2017

  • BREAKFAST: – is the fastest growing segment in the total Eating out Market at +0.9%, with lunch seeing a slight decline in growth due to brunch.
  • BRUNCH:- is set to be a key dining trend in 2017, with brunch visits being just as popular as breakfast visits and can they achieve higher menu prices than breakfast.
  • FAST FOOD FOODIES:- 65% of fast food menus offer breakfast/brunch in food-to-go formats which is a growing trend for 2017.
  • AGES 50+:- account for 36% of brunch visits and 30% of all breakfast visits. Do your menus tailor to all generations?
  • MILLENNIALS: – are a key customer at breakfast and brunch times and 40% of millennials now avoid gluten as a lifestyle choice. Are you catering for Gluten Free?
  • SOURDOUGH WINS: – Sourdough is a key trend for breakfast and brunch menus this year, try our Sliced Sourdough Bloomer it’s great for toasting.
  • EGG CONSUMPTION: – has increased for breakfast by 18%. Popular breakfast dishes included poached and scrambled eggs, serve both on our English Muffins.
Latest Trends with Kara : June 2017

  • SOURDOUGH:-Sourdough is a key trend on breakfast and brunch menus this year.
  • MEXICAN FOOD DOMINATES :-Mexican cuisine was up by 16% at the end of 2016, estimated to be worth £512 million. Chefs are increasingly using Mexican inspiration to update their dishes.
  • COFFEE & CAKE:-55 million cups of coffee are sold in the UK everyday with  80% of consumers now visit a coffee shop once a week. Upon these visits the most desired food option with these visits is cake.
  • GLUTEN FREE DINING:-1.3 million Britons now follow a gluten-free diet with  74% of people stating they are more  likely to eat out every two weeks if more gluten-free options were available on menus.
  • AFTERNOON TEA:-9% of Brits visited a pub for Afternoon Tea in 2016, this is set to be a major growth trend for 2017.
  • BREAKFAST:-Egg consumption at breakfast is up 18% in the last two years. Sales of both poached and scrambled eggs have risen by 13% in 2016.
  • COCONUT FLAVOURS:- Coconut is set to be the key flavour trend in 2017, it’s use as a snacking item is set to gain more popularity this year amongst consumers.
  • COFFEE SHOPS:-15% of total Out Of Home visits were to a coffee shop in 2016; this is up 0.8% from last year.
  • FOOD ON THE GO:-Convenience is becoming increasingly important. 17.8% of people noted that their primary reason for eating out was because they were on leisure or work based commute.
  • SOCIAL BREAKFASTS:-Customers having social breakfasts have increased by 7.2% in 2016, this is up by 0.8% based on last year.
  • BRUNCH:-The blurring of meal time is becoming a key concept, with brunch now being in high demand and being served all day.
  • FAMILY VISITS:-Family occasions are growing particularly in full service restaurants, with visits up by 4.3%.
  • BURGER GROWTH:-Beef is the largest protein segment in pubs at 31% as burgers, steaks and grills are becoming more popular on menus.
  • HEALTHY EATING:-47% of millennials state they have changed their eating out habits switching to healthier diets.
  • STREET FOOD:-93% of millennials will increase their street food visits, with 76% wanting to see more street food in the future.

Coeliac UK estimate the hospitality industry misses out on an estimated £100 million a year by not catering for people with coeliac disease. Their research has found that 74% of people would eat out every two weeks if more gluten-free options were available on menus. The partnership between Kara and Genius has allowed for two innovative businesses who produce high quality ‘on trend’ bakery products to further develop products for foodservice to enable vendors to meet these growing market demands.

In order to help operators understand how to handle gluten-free products within the Kitchen, Kara has developed A Helpful Kitchen Guide’ to highlight the importance of keeping gluten-free products separate from products containing gluten. Download your copy

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