Post-lockdown opening

Planning a post-lockdown opening …

As it’s been muted that some hospitality businesses may be able to open in July, we wanted to offer some helpful advice whether you’re looking to offer delivery or food-to-go option.
Here are some things to consider …

Food Preparation

  • In large kitchens, it’s recommended cleanable panels are installed to separate workstations.
  • Minimise access (or adopt one-way traffic) to walk-in pantries, fridges, freezers etc.
  • Click here for new guidelines for restaurants on social distancing, signage & hygiene (issued 11.05.20)

Choose Robust Products

For delivery, products need to be robust enough to ensure that when they arrive at their final destination they have withstood the journey from the hotplate, in an insulated bag and (possibly) the back of a bike.
Choose appropriate ingredients when menu planning. Things like Kara’s doughballs work exceptionally well for delivery menus and can be transformed not just into pizzas but flatbreads, garlic knots and even cinnamon buns.

Convenient & Efficient Products

To ensure social distancing, it’s likely that there’ll be less people in the kitchen. Invest in ingredients that saves kitchen brigades time: pre-sliced brioche, glazed burger buns as well as ambient and frozen choices.

Be Allergen Aware

Allergen awareness is vital, especially for grab & go and delivery. Why not look at pre-packaged items?
The pandemic is unlikely to delay Natasha’s Law (coming into force October 2021) which will require all pre-packaged food to list ingredients and allergens.

Social Distancing

  • Use screens & barriers to separate people.
  • Work back-to-back or side-to-side
  • Offer staggered shifts to reduce the number of people on site at one time
  • Stagger break times, use outside areas, create additional space if you can
  • Provide storage for staff clothes & bags allowing them to change into uniforms on site.

Front of House Help

  • Install screens to protect staff serving at till points
  • Demarcate zones for collection and drop off
  • Ensure effective signage for customer collection with regular announcements to remind customers of social distancing and hand washing
  • Don’t rotate staff across locations.
  • Paper menus must be disposed after each use. Laminated menus to be cleaned after each use.
  • Provide paper towels rather than hand driers.




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