Why Kara

100% Committed to Foodservice

Why choose Kara?

  • Innovative

    We are committed to innovation and investing in market research to develop leading bakery products. Need a product that you can’t see? Contact us to let us know

  • Freshly Frozen

    Products are frozen straight from the oven, locking in the freshness

  • Quality & Taste

    We strive for premium, consistent quality and pride ourselves on being the best in the market

  • Variety and Choice

    A full and dynamic range, standing out from the competition, offering variety to our customer to become a one-stop-shop for frozen sweet and savoury bakery products

  • 100% Foodservice

    Our products are specifically developed for the Foodservice market and we analyse trends to identify gaps in the market and launch bakery products which satisfy the end-users and their customer

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