Benefits of Frozen

Lock in your Freshness

Our products range from floured baps to artisan breads, doughnuts to premium cakes.  All 100% frozen allowing you to offer great menu appeal.

So, why do we freeze?

  • Our products are frozen the moment they come out of the oven, locking in freshness and providing consistent quality
  • Frozen products have an extended shelf-life  
  • We offer ‘thaw and serve’ products, offering you the much needed convenience you need at peak times
  • The freezing process stops all microbiological activity and kills harmful pathogens that can cause food poisoning
  • And….it allows you to avoid unnecessary waste

Reduce your waste – Most products are supplied in resealable packaging, allowing you to defrost specific quantities as required, meaning low wastage.


Our innovative packaging guarantees that our products are simple to manage and store, and that all unused products can be easily kept in the freezer. In addition, our quick freezing technique rapidly takes products from baked to frozen ensuring that our frozen bakery products are “fresher than fresh!”

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